“Smaida līnija” clinic offers all types of necessary dental services at reasonable prices.

In 2015 the dental clinic was renovated and the team of management and doctors was changed.

“Smaida līnija” clinic is equipped with modern equipment and materials. It provides high quality medical care.

Specialists from the modern school of dentistry who’ve recently received a higher medical education are familiar with the latest treatment technologies and constantly improve their qualifications. This ensures positive results of treatment.

MELAtherm 10 disinfectant

In any procedure, even the simplest, it is extremely important for all the instruments, actions and aids that are re-used in contact with the patient’s oral cavity to be thoroughly and professionally disinfected. In “Smaida Līnija” clinic we use the washing machine disinfector MELAtherm 10 from Melag, which conforms to European standards EN 15883 and is one of the most modern disinfectants of this type. Also, we use the latest generation autoclave, Vacuklav 43B, produced by the same company.

Melag has been working since 1951 and specializes in the manufacturing of products for medical hygiene and equipment, providing each product with the highest German quality and eliminating any possibility of errors during operation. The washing machine MELAtherm 10 is specially designed to ensure not only the functions of disinfection and sterilization, but also the drying of instruments to be ready to work at once. The device prevents damage to the tool and prolongs the service life, it also provides a 100% level of hygiene.

Why is disinfection and sterilization so important?

The professional and careful cleaning of dental instruments after each use is extremely important for the patient to protect the next visitor from even the lowest risk of infection. If these standards are not observed or the procedure for disinfecting and sterilizing instruments is violated, the patient may be at risk of very serious infections — for example, in clinics with insufficient hygienic standards, the patient may become infected with herpes virus or hepatitis C. Actually inappropriate disinfection or sterilization of dental instruments makes the patient susceptible at risk of any infectious disease that is transmitted through infected tissue, saliva or blood. Autoclaving with MELAtherm 10 completely eliminates the risk of any infection.

Leica M320 microscope

“Smaida Līnija” clinic uses the latest generation microscope Leica M320 which helps to effectively remove all damaged tissues during root canal treatment in endodontic procedures. This is done in order to effectively remove all damaged tissues during the treatment while maintaining healthy tooth tissue as much as possible. The Leica M320 microscope makes it easy for not only the dentist as it allows us to see and access even the farthest parts of the tooth. But also it allows you to get high-quality images and videos thanks to the HD camera to show the condition of the damaged tooth to the patient and what procedures are necessary for curing.

If the dentist himself can skip minor damage with the simple eye or remove some healthy tissue along with damaged ones to be completely sure that the tooth will be cured then even minor damage will not be missed through the use of a microscope. And the treatment will be softer and faster because the doctor immediately sees all the damaged tissues.

The Leica M320 microscope allows you to perform even the most complex operations that are difficult or impossible to do with just the eye. This microscope allows you to receive images with the resolution of 10 MP and 1080p video resolution which allows clinic staff to successfully plan treatment. The photographs and videos obtained are of high resolution. Therefore the dentist can also use them to consult with colleagues on the application of the most effective and appropriate treatment plan situation.

The Leica M320 microscope can be adjusted for the convenience of any dentist and during the procedure it does not prevent the patient from moving. Thanks to AgProtect’s antimicrobial coating it is protected from pathogens and parts of the equipment can be removed for disinfection and sterilization.

I-PRF technology in dentistry

What is PRF? PRF is platelet-rich plasma, which is derived from the patient’s own blood and is used for various procedures, such as microsurgery, beauty surgery, and also in dentistry. This is a relatively new method the effectiveness of which has been proven in dentistry. In Latvia such services are provided by a relatively small number of dental clinics.

When can I-PRF be used in dentistry? Platelet-rich plasma is mainly used in various surgical procedures, since the main function of platelets is to heal and ensure the growth of important indicators, especially in the postoperative period. Elevated platelet level allows the tissues to be healed faster and more successfully after surgery. The opportunity provided by the I-PRF technique is used in periodontal tissues or surrounding the teeth during the restoration process, which is especially important if the patient suffers from periodontitis (the root of the tooth and surrounding tissues are inflamed, which destroys the teeth and supporting tissues, causing tooth mobility, bleeding gums and loss teeth). I-PRF allows the patient to not only maintain the teeth and prevent them from secondary depletion, but also helps your gums heal faster after a tooth is removed or surgical manipulation of the gums.

Is I-PRF safe? The creation of I-PRF material obtained from the blood of the same patient. Later it can be used to create platelet-rich plasma.It is not only 100% safety guarantee, but also eliminates any allergies and adverse reactions, as well as the risk of tissue rejection.

How to make the picking of I-PRF material? At first, the patient is checked. Then a small amount of blood is taken from the vein which is then processed in a centrifuge to separate the blood from platelet-rich plasma which will be used for the surgical procedure. Further use of the material depends on the indications for surgical treatment of the patient.

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