ServicesPrice, euro
Consultation (> 15 min)50.00
Consultation before implantation50.00
Consultation before prosthetics50.00
Drawing up a treatment plan with prices70.00
X-ray photograph5.00
EndodonticsPrice, euro
Processing the canal and installing the medication during intermediate sessions with the ProTaper system
1 canal110.00
2 canals120.00
3 canals145.00
4 canals160.00
+ Rubber Dam20.00
Canals filling with gutta-percha:
1 canal110.00
2 canals120.00
3 canals145.00
4 canals160.00
Re-treatment of canals: filling removal:
1 canal120.00
2 canals170.00
3 canals200.00
4 canals230.00
Temporary seal between sessions30.00
Using a microscope55.00
Intermission during treatment55.00
Whitening of endodontically treated tooth:
First session90.00
Second session45.00
Pulpotomy / pulpectomy with drug administration85.00
SurgeryPrice, euro
Extraction of the movable single-root toothfrom 90.00
Extraction of multiple-roots toothfrom 135.00
Dens serotini extraction ("third molar")from 190.00
Suture release 15.00
Lancing of abscess, drainage, irrigation55.00
Root base ablationfrom 270.00
Cyst excisionfrom 120.00
Straumannfrom 700.00
Straumann SLA Active750.00
Implant exposure + healing abutment installing50.00
Soft tissue surgery, soft tissue transplantationfrom 100.00
Sinus floor elevation procedure ”Sinus lift” (excluding materials)from 450.00
BIOss 0,5 g135.00
BIOss 2 g330.00
BIOss Combi Kit270.00
BIOss Collagen 100 g135.00
Bone graftfrom 1000.00
TherapyPrice, euro
Composite fillings:
Tooth neck restoration75.00
One surface80.00
Two surfaces90.00
Three surfaces100.00
Tooth restoration145.00
Caries excavation, temporary seal60.00
Rubber Dam Placement20.00
MTA or Biodentīns90.00
Dental core removal80.00
Aesthetic filling180.00
Pediatric Dentistry:
Milk tooth extraction (pulling)50.00
Milk tooth filling55.00
Milk tooth pulpotomy (nerve treatment)40.00
*Treatment of permanent teeth according to the price list
ProstheticsPrice, euro
Temporary plastic crown (in-place)70.00
Plastic crown (lab-processed)from 150.00
Metal ceramic crown450.00
Metal-free ceramic crown (f.e. E-MAX)450.00-550.00
Zirconia crown550.00-650.00
Dental inlays, onlays:
Metal dental inlay100.00
Fiberglass dental post90.00-130.00
Ceramic onley450.00-550.00
Composite onley280.00
Smile Design (tooth modeling)250.00
Metal-ceramic crowns on implants800.00
Zirconia crown on implants900.00
Metal-free ceramic crowns on implants800.00-900.00
Removable dentures:
Partial retainer350.00-450.00
Total retainer550.00
Total retainer on implantsfrom 7500.00-8500.00
Clasp prosthesis450.00
Clasp prosthesis on attachments600.00
Repair of the prosthesis plate100.00