Professional oral hygiene requires great attention. And we will tell you why this is important. Hygiene procedures in the clinic is the best way to prevent dental caries, gingivitis (gum disease), periodontitis (periodontal tissue destruction), unpleasant smell in the mouth. Well-timed hygiene procedures allow you to save your teeth until old age and eliminate the necessity of frequent visits to the therapist. A hygienist estimates the condition of the teeth and oral cavity during the procedure and tells you whether you need any medical help. Many people believe that oral hygiene can be done at home and more often than doctors recommend (every six months). You can brush your teeth with modern electric toothbrushes, use dental floss, rinse your teeth after each meal with special liquids. But the majority of patients who come to a hygienist for the first time or after a doctor's prescription cannot even imagine the amount of plaque and tartar, which have to be disposed of during professional hygiene procedures in the clinic.