When patient feels that a tooth needs to be removed this does not always mean that this is really the only solution and the teeth cannot be saved. Thanks to modern methods and equipment in dentistry deeply damaged teeth can be successfully treated. Endodontics is a dental industry that specializes in the treatment of dental pulp and root canals providing patients with effective treatments that can stop the loss of dental tissue and the further spread of inflammation. Endodontic treatment can significantly extend the lifespan of depulped teeth.

In “Smaida Līnija” clinic you will get:

  • endodontic treatment by experienced specialists;
  • medical treatment under the control of a Leica M320 microscope which provides very precise treatment and complete removal of damaged tissue;
  • painless treatment with effective anesthetics.

How does the endodontic procedure?


We conduct the therapy based on proven international standards. Experienced endodontists who regularly renewing their knowledge at various workshops clean and fill the root canals of the teeth.


Using brand new equipment and the highest sanitary standards we provide professional treatment using a Leica M320 microscope for precision. And an effective anesthetic to ensure painless procedures.


The procedure begins with a thorough survey of the patient, dental examination and X-ray to assess the severity of the damage. Dental canals are cleaned, disinfected and filled to prevent inflammation. Part of the dental crown is restored using the method that is most appropriate in this situation. Endodontic treatment requires at least two sessions to achieve an outstanding result as practice shows.

Have questions?

If you have any questions or uncertainties call us at 28688877, we will be happy to give you an advice and to help solving any problem with your teeth.