Dental surgery is primarily a field that allows you to correctly diagnose various diseases of the teeth, bone tissue and mucous tunic of mouth, as well as further treatment to save the teeth. In addition surgical treatment includes the manipulation of the intervention in the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity, the extraction of teeth and roots. Surgery in our clinic is carried out by specialists who have received higher medical education and are constantly increasing their certification. Surgeons and ultra-new equipment will help you feel better, survive the surgery without pain and fear and leave the clinic in a good mood.

What do we offer?

  • extraction of teeth with sedation, including baby (unformed) teeth and “wisdoms” (third molar);
  • tooth maintenance procedures;
  • procedures to improve the fixation of dentures – dental sanation, also with sedation;
  • coagulation of benign tumors of the oral cavity;
  • placement of dental implants.

With us you can get the necessary surgical treatment with the use of high-quality products, modern equipment and qualified surgeons. We use new but already proven well in the European Union methods.

How are surgical procedures performed?


By signing up for a surgeon in our clinic, you will come into the hands of experienced and professional specialists who apart the complexity of the situation will find the best solution for you. Surgical procedures in our clinic are performed by experienced and well-known surgeons in Latvia who are familiar with the most effective and modern treatment methods.


Surgical procedures are performed after X-ray examinations, and effective anesthesia will definitely be used during treatment, so any operation in our clinic is extremely accurate and painless. During operations the most advanced technologies are used which provide a very accurate result.


We organize therapy based on the best international standards. The number of visits depends on the specific situation (for example, one visit is enough to remove wisdom teeth, but you will need to visit us several times to make and install implants and inserts).