Teeth whitening

These days we have to communicate a lot. The first thing we pay attention to when communicating with other people is eyes and a smile. Noticing the state and color of teeth, we unconsciously make conclusions about how a person cares about himself, what is his or her position in society and how important it is for him or her to have contacts with other people. That is why a dazzling white smile can play a crucial role in your daily communication, which can open up new business horizons. Various sources provide you with information that the whitening procedure can harm tooth enamel and the health of the teeth in general. Sometimes even dentists say that. Some of the truth about this is in the past: the previous generation of whitening systems consisted of corrosive acids the misuse of which could damage tooth enamel. But today's materials exclude negative changes, if the conditions of use and contraindications are met.

What do we offer?

“Smaida līnija” clinic offers two professional methods of teeth whitening.

The first one is homemade whitening

The advantage of the method is its price. However, the whitening process can last up to two months, during which you will have to visit the dentist regularly to observe the results.

The second one is a modern Light Activated Whitening (LAW)

The doctor works with a higher concentration of the whitening composition. Thanks to the professional control of the process, your tooth tone will become lighter by several shades in one session, which lasts just a bit over an hour.

How does teeth whitening procedure?


The whitening procedure in the clinic is carried out by experienced specialists who use the most advanced and safe technologies. Experts always conduct a survey to determine whether the teeth whitening procedure is necessary for the patient.


In accordance with the situation and the wishes of the patient, one of the methods of whitening is chosen: home whitening with the help of a specially developed mouth guard or whitening in the dentist’s chair. Our whitening methods are certified, safe and their effectiveness has been tested.


Teeth whitening in the dental clinic is carried out by an experienced specialist, who guarantees that there will be no irritation of the gums and the tooth enamel will not be damaged, but the teeth will become whiter by several tones. If you have chosen a home whitening technique – a specialist will carefully tell you how to use it to have the desired result.

Have questions?

If you have any questions or uncertainties call us at 28688877, we will be happy to give you an advice and to help solving any problem with your teeth.