Therapeutic dentistry in the modern world of dental services combines the most relevant and new methods of treatment and restoration of teeth. Thanks to the correct innovative approach to therapy caries can be effectively and quickly cured even in its complicated forms - pulpitis and periodontitis. In combination with the newest medications for anesthesia the treatment is almost painless. Damage of the enamel, root canals, various injuries - all this can be cured thanks to our equipment, methods and specialists.

In our clinic you can:

  • cure caries and its complicated forms;
  • make cosmetic restoration of teeth.

Preventive visit of the therapist is the key to early detection and prevention of various diseases of the teeth and gums.

How do therapeutic dental procedures undergo?


In the Smaida Līnija clinic we employ the therapeutic dentistry specialists who constantly update their knowledge and skills at various international seminars in order to be able to provide our clients with the most modern and effective methods of treatment and recovery.


We use modern equipment that effectively and painlessly remove damaged tissue without affecting the healthy part of the tooth. In order to make the procedure painless effective anesthetics are used as well as highly aesthetic and durable materials for filling and restoring teeth.


After a thorough examination and X-ray (if necessary) we will inform the patient about the necessary procedures, tell you about the process, about the costs and fix up the best solution for the patient (for example about the filling material). Before treatment the patient receives an effective anesthesia which minimizes discomfort.

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