Prosthetic dentistry is aimed at recreating the functional and aesthetic parameters of the dentition, turning your smile into a truly natural and beautiful reaction to a good mood. The sphere of prosthetic dentistry which deals with prosthetics fully or partially restores missing teeth, and also improves the characteristics of dental prostheses.

In our clinic you can install:

  • dentures on implants;
  • removable dentures;
  • various types of dental crowns and laminar dentures;
  • veneers and build-ups;
  • dental inlays.

How do we perform prosthetics?


Most often when a patient enters the dentist’s office he already knows which method of replacing missing teeth he wants to use. But at first we do the necessary research to find out if this method is possible in this situation and if this is the best solution. Our clinic has experienced prosthetics specialists who can find the best solution for any situation.


In order for the new teeth to be conveniently located in the patient’s mouth, and no one could say that the teeth are artificial, we take molds and find out the exact tone of the teeth. There are several types of prostheses, therefore the materials used and the method of dentures forming depends on the type chosen. Prosthetics are made using modern methods and materials with high strength and aesthetics. dental facing is done under zooming. Also, the VITA Easyshade digital spectrophotometer determines the color, which allows you to transfer the color of your tooth as accurately as possible to the upcoming restoration. Also using a macro photo, the technician will see all the nuances of the tooth anatomy.


If the option of fixed dentures is chosen (crowns, bridges, implants, etc.), then the oral cavity will be prepared for the installation of artificial teeth. But when choosing removable dentures after the impression is taken, we create the dentures and then provide them to the patient who tries to wear them, and if necessary we make adjustments for usability later.